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Russian Federation

 Photo by UNISDR From left to right: Ms. Saowanee Suwannacheep, Member of the National Legislative Assembly, Thailand; Ms. Lourdes Tibán, Member of the National Assembly, Ecuador; Ms Manana Kobakhidze, First Deputy-Chairperson of Parliament, Georgia; and Ms Taiati Hayat, Member of the National Assembly, Algeria.

Women in Parliament back Sendai

22 Oct 2015, UNISDR

The first steps have been taken towards establishing a 'Women in Parliament Caucus for Disaster Risk Reduction', thanks to the initiative of Women in Parliament and UNISDR. Dr. Lourdes Tibán, parliamentarian from Ecuador said: 'We, indigenous people believe in the relationship between people and mother-nature and this relationship must be respectful, otherwise we will suffer the consequences, disasters'. The meeting was attended by members of parliament of Algeria, Burundi, Chile, Ecuador, Gabon, Georgia, Honduras, Ireland, Kenya, Liberia, Mexico, Russia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Sweden, Thailand, UN Women, European Parliament, Central American Parliament, among others...

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