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(l. to r.) Elizabeth Longworth, UNISDR Director; Päivi Kairamo, Ambassador to the Permanent Mission of Finland in Geneva; Florika Fink-Hooijer, Director of the European Commission DG ECHO; Stéphane Jacobzone, Deputy Head of Division, Reform of the Public Sector, OECD; Antti Rytövuori, Minister and Deputy Permanent Representative to the Permanent Mission of Finland in Geneva. (Photo: UNISDR)

Finland welcomes disaster risk review

18 Jul 2014, UNISDR EUR

'Finland is very pleased to become the second country to undergo the Peer Review process in last October. Although Finland is not highly prone to natural hazards, there are areas where good progress has been made, such as private sector and business continuity, open-data policy on risk-related information, early warning systems and use of research and technological innovation in policy making. These were well-captured in the review'...

National Platform
Top 5 Natural Disaster reported
Disaster Date Affected (no. of people)
Flood 2005 400
Storm 1990 0
Storm 1990 0
Source of data: OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database
Data version: v11.08   *: Including tsunami
Data displayed does not imply national endorsement.
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