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Viet Nam

EU-backed study to explore climate and migration links

29 Dec 2014, Climate News Network; RTCC

Migration can be one way people find of adapting to climate change. The IOM says: 'Migration in the face of global environmental change may not be just part of the ‘problem’, but can also be part of the solution.' A new IOM research programme will examine environmental factors influence on migration and impacts on policy making Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Mauritius, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti...

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Top 5 Natural Disaster reported
Disaster Date Affected (no. of people)
Storm 1980 9,027,174
Storm 1980 6,624,710
Flood 2000 5,000,004
Storm 1989 4,635,762
Flood 1999 3,504,412
Source of data: OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database
Data version: v11.08   *: Including tsunami
Data displayed does not imply national endorsement.
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