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Sand dams protect water for drought-hit pastoralists in Kenya


Recent rain failures have particularly hit livestock-herding communities across the country, some of whom have lost their entire herds to drought, or are left to walk long distances in search of water. To remedy this, the African Medical and Research Foundation has built 20 sand dams in the area in the past decade.

  • Kaikoura quake may prompt rethink of earthquake hazard models internationally

    GNS Science

    Last November's magnitude 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake was so complex and unusual that it is likely to lead to changes in the way scientists think about earthquake hazards in plate boundary zones worldwide, a new study says.Not only was it a record-setter for its complexity, but it was also one of the best recorded large earthquakes anywhere in the world.

  • Commercial underwater cable systems could reduce disaster impact


    Last November, a group of research scientists, practitioners from earthquake observatories and tsunami warning centers, and engineers gathered for a workshop in Potsdam, Germany, to discuss the viability of a new early warning system that uses enhanced telecommunications cables to create a Science Monitoring and Reliable Telecommunications (SMART) network capable of detecting tsunamis and shaking from great earthquakes

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