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Peatlands of SE Asia heading for socio-economic disaster

Wetlands Intl

Agricultural production in vast regions of South East Asia will be lost in the coming decades as a result of flooding of extensive lowland landscapes due to unsustainable development and management of peat soils. About 82% of the Rajang Delta in Sarawak (East Malaysia) will be irreversibly flooded within 100 years and substantial areas are already experiencing drainage problems...

  • Deforestation drives worsening flooding in Kashmir


    Despite substantial spending to protect its once-thick forests, Jammu and Kashmir is fast losing them to urban expansion and lack of planning among others. 'The trees along the rivers which worked as a flood defence have disappeared in the past few years and hardly any new trees have come up in their place,' said Thoru Ram, a farmer from Pragwal...

  • Georgia: Tbilisi approves compensation plan for flood victims


    Tbilisi Municipal Assembly at a special meeting has unanimously approved the procedure for compensation payment for damage caused by devastating floods in Tbilisi. The capital city hall is ready to pay compensation to the families which became victims of the disaster, Sputnik news agency reported...

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