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An ecosystem-based approach to flooding in the Vrbas River Basin

UNDP Bosnia and Herz

In the Vrbas River Basin of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the cumulative effects of deforestation prepared the ground for extensive flooding in 2014. By improving flood forecasting and early warning systems, a UNDP project is working to ensure governments of BiH and the communities of the Vrbas River Basin are able to establish climate resilient flood management.

  • Reducing mortality through social development and community sheltering

    Univ of Colorado

    As Typhoon Hagupit approached the Philippines in December 2014, over half a million people were evacuated. Still recovering from Typhoon Haiyan a year earlier, the country prepared for the worst. Despite this, thousands chose not to flee and 18 people were killed. Research conducted in the aftermath provides new insights for future disaster risk reduction strategies.

  • United States: Predicting flooding risk in vulnerable communities

    Forbes Media LLC

    As climate change causes more potentially catastrophic flooding across the globe, the need to predict what areas are the most vulnerable becomes more urgent. To do this, Cloud to Street is combining big data analysis, crowd sourced information, and satellite imagery to create an analysis of which communities are most vulnerable due to underlying social conditions.

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