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Scientists study deadly Tibet avalanche, prevent second disaster

Sixth Tone

A team of Chinese and European glaciologists fear that two recent Tibetan glacier collapses may be only the beginning and that the local herders will find themselves at greater risk of avalanches. While risk analysis is not always possible, the Tibetan government was notified of the likely collapse prior to the second event and herders were evacuated.

  • Malawi Department of Disaster outlines La Nina preparedness efforts

    Nyasa Times

    Members of the Association of Environmental Journalists (AEJ) have received training on issues such as early warning systems and disaster risk reduction. Journalists were taken through the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the national disaster risk management policy and preparedness efforts in view of the anticipated La Nina.

  • Asian Development Bank loan to improve Cook Islands' disaster resilience


    The Asian Development Bank has provided the Cook Islands with disaster contingent financing through the innovative use of policy-based lending. The programme will support the Cook Islands' National Sustainable Development Plan in the areas of policy strengthening and institutional arrangements for disaster risk management, building resilient infrastructure and expanding disaster risk financing.

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