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The toughest question in climate change: who gets saved?

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The National Disaster Resilience Competition was the first large-scale federal effort in the United States to highlight and support local solutions for coping with climate change. It wound up demonstrating something decidedly less upbeat: the government is struggling to figure out which communities should be moved, when, and how - leaving entire communities behind in the process.

  • Kenya close to ending drought crises, says local scientist award winner


    Kenya is on its way to breaking the devastating cycle of drought, poverty and hunger over the next decade. Kenyan scientist Andrew Mude won the 2016 Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application for developing livestock insurance. Over 16,000 Kenyan households have already benefitted - the scheme pays out when rains fail, rather than waiting for animals to die.

  • Italy commits to long-term earthquake preparedness


    Italian Prime Minister, Mr. Matteo Renzi, is to introduce a major overhaul of how the country prepares for earthquakes following last Wednesday’s earthquake in central Italy which has claimed 292 lives so far. The national plan will be called Casa Italia and will include making structures earthquake-proof across the country and a range of other environmental measures.

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