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Implementation guide on understanding disaster risk - Sendai Framework priority 1

These guides will address understanding disaster risk, which is fundamental for making policy and investment decisions that manage disaster risk - and the first priority for action in the Sendai Framework. Two priority components will be addressed: national disaster risk assessment and national disaster loss databases. The first will provide guidance on design, development, dissemination and application of results of national risk assessment. The second will provide guidance on implementation, operation, dissemination and usage of national disaster loss data results in the process of design and implementation of national disaster risk management strategies and plans.


    National disaster risk assessment

    As an effort from the international DRR Community and brokered by UNISDR, this consultative version is a product of a long and detailed process of drafting, consultation and review. This document will be on PreventionWeb for public review during 2 months and has the purpose to ensure we have not overseen aspects that are important to consider.

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2 Topics - see below

Call for Contributions - Topic 1

  • Concept note: National risk assessment - Topic 1

    It is important to integrate disaster risk reduction into the planning and development process. This begins with risk assessments and integrating such knowledge into planning process. While the first part of this risk-sensitive urban planning and development process relies on scientific data and technical knowledge to initiate planning, the second depends on effective implementation.

    Contact: Sahar Safaie (

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Country/Organization Goal Scope Title
Afghanistan Goal 2 - Risk reduction National Risk assessment and mitigation for localized disasters in context of mountain community
Sasrai-Movement Goal 3 - Strengthening resilience Global Sasrai-Movement for Environment
Turkmenistan Goal 1 - Risk prevention Regional Regional Centre for technologies related to climate change

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Call for Contributions - Topic 2

  • Concept note: National loss databases - Topic 2

    Understanding the behavior in time and space of losses produced by different hazards is a first and crucial step. The guide on national loss databases will seek to address this step. It will provide an overview of concepts, objectives, expected outputs, institutionalization and sustainability challenges and stakeholder engagement. It will also address data management, quality assurance, dissemination options, required capacity and training for understanding and use the results produced with the database.

    Contact: Julio Serje ( and Sylvain Ponserre (

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WCDRR Working sessions

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